Who we are

L’Olivetum was born in Salento, the heart of Apulia, founded by a team of young agronomists and professionals with the intention of selecting small and medium-sized producers of high-quality extra virgin olive oil and exporting their products further than they have ever arrived. We pay great attention to both the quality and the origin of our selected products, which makes L’Olivetum a partner of choice for anyone seeking excellence: from famous Chefs, to luxury hotels and restaurants, to experts.


Made in Italy products are characterized by the unique and centuries-old traditions that go into making them. In the longest region of Italy, Apulia, the food and wine culture is distinguished by the richness of raw materials available in a fertile area bordered by the sea. In this area, the presence of an increasing number of farms and their products gives the customer a wide range of choices for their culinary needs; however, it makes the right selection based on objective criteria increasingly difficult.


All of L’Olivetum’s products are traceable; from harvest to bottle, meaning that the L’Olivetum label is a mark of quality. Today the company is led by Olive Oil Sommelier Cristiana Di Filippo, who guarantees that the products are always up to the most discerning palates, exporting excellent quality EVO oils along with Apulia’s unique and authentic flavors.


L’Olivetum appreciates the finesse of international palates and endeavors to share Apulia’s unique bouquet of fragrance and taste to all of its customers around the world.


To become a leading trading company of the best of Apulia’s agricultural products, and invest in the region and its primary resource, its people.


Cristiana Di Filippo


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